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So here's the deal with actLive

How many times have you said, “I wish I had someone to play tennis with today,” or maybe you’re curious about trying a new sport or activity, or maybe you want to start a business where you teach people how to surf. Well, now, there’s an app for that. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro (or somewhere in between), actLive can connect you with like-minded people at your fitness level, help you discover different healthy activities in your area, and even provide a platform to make money teaching others about that new passion you’ve been getting really good at.

Countless people lost their fitness communities during the pandemic. With summer right around the corner, our mission is to reignite those folks’ passion for finding their movement by giving them an avenue to make connections with new people.

The actLive story

actLive was built by co-founders and childhood best friends, Cody Anderson and Connor Wynveen. Pick up football on the blacktop, hoops, skating, you name it. Their childhood friendship was all about getting outside and playing with friends. Years out of college and deep into building careers, they became acutely aware of the degree to which their new lifestyles had eclipsed those days when they had the time and access to get together to play with some friends. Not only did they have less free time to play the games they both loved, but the way they spent their time throughout the day felt indistinguishable from the past. Less easy access to getting outside and moving meant an imbalance between being glued to a computer screen vs. being active. This created ripple effects in their mental health, social lives and feeling of purpose. Boom, actLive was born.

actLive is on a mission to get the balance back between work and play. To get people back to these childhood practices. When connecting with neighborhood friends was easy. When laughing, having fun, and moving outside with friends was all that mattered.

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